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Rancho, Cordova Sacramento Sacramento NBC News Radio I'm, Mark Mayfield wildfires are raging out, of control across, California the. Largest to seek car fire burning near reading, northern California it's scorched over one hundred three thousand acres and it's only twenty percent contained the car fire has also claimed. Six lives the felony, trial, of, former Trump campaign. Chief Paul Manafort starts Tuesday Alexandria Virginia Angela Anderson reports Manafort has pleaded not guilty to numerous charges a Bank and tax. Fraud and, failure to file reports on foreign financial accounts special counsel Robert Muller's team is prosecuting Manafort though the charges are not directly related. To Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen presidential election there is operating, under, a, broad mandate as special counsel in the Russia probe. Meantime Manafort faces, a second criminal trial, in Washington DC later this year. Angela Anderson NBC, News Radio and the Washington Post reports US spy agencies believe North Korea is still. Building missiles that could, deliver nuclear warheads to the US Mark Mayfield NBC News Radio President Trump, is, again Threatening a, government, shutdown over immigration. Terry more reports the president said he is, not drawing a red line but, after many many, years of. Talk within the United States I would have, no problem doing a shutdown you made the remarks during a White House news conference with Italy's prime minister I would certainly. Be willing to close, it, down, to get it. Done we need border security the president wants multiple billions of dollars for a massive border wall along with broader legislation boosting. Border security, and serious immigration reforms including a, merit based immigration policy Trump also noted that everything is negotiable in Washington I'm Terry Moore NBC. News Radio President Trump is remaining firm on the issue of Russian sanctions, at, the, White House on Monday Trump said US sanctions will remain on the, Kremlin as is Trump, has, strongly rejected criticism that he. Was not tough, enough on Russian President Vladimir Putin at their recent summit in Helsinki he often argues. That no president has, ever been tougher on ROY Russia than, he is Uber has. Decided not to develop self driving semi trucks anymore Brian shook. Has that story. The rideshare company said it will now focus its autonomous, vehicle technology solely, on cars Uber acquired the self-driving tech company, auto in two thousand sixteen sparking efforts to. Develop self driving trucks and the app Uber freight that's the smartphone app that. Links truck drivers to shippers the company says Hooper afraid is not impacted. By the decision to. Halt autonomous truck development in a statement the head of Uber advanced technologies group said the company believes having the entire teams energy, and skill focused on self driving cars is the best path forward Brian shook NBC. News Radio and, Mars is, the closest to the earth it's been in fifteen years we'll be just thirty five point eight million miles from, the red planet that's not much further than the two thousand three encounter Wennemars made its closest approach and sixty thousand years it should be visible to the south west throughout. The early morning Mark Mayfield NBC News Radio.

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