Wrestlers sue Ohio State over late doctor's 'rampant sexual misconduct'


No pressure, they're super easy to talk to just hit star. Star eight four eight that star star eight. Four eight. Star Star eight four, eight a group of four Ohio State University wrestlers are taking the school, to court Sierra Crawford tells. Why here lawsuits filed. Against the university this week claimed that officials. Turn a blind eye allegations against former. Team doctor Richard Strauss with the former wrestler dinovite as John Doe one claiming as many as. Twenty five hundred male student athletes could have, been subjected to sexual abuse or harassment this. In addition to four other men who say Strauss abused in multiple times. During the eighties and nineties but their accusations were ignored even by. Ohio congressman Jim Jordan who was an, assistant wrestling coach at the school for several years to think that I. Would not stand up for my athletes is ridiculous Strauss died in two thousand and five I'm Sierra Crawford like, hulk HOGAN is back in. World wrestling Entertainment's good graces the pro wrestling. Corporation has reinstated him to its hall. Of fame just. Three years after HOGAN was found to have used racial, slurs, conversation, con on a sex, tape, I'm, Elliot Francis Here's some great news if you miss, the,.

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