Lawyers welcome U.S. court order to slow deportations of separated families


Vivid Albertine guitarist and lyricist for one of the first all women, punk bands the British band, the slits. Now she's a writer and has just published her second memoir the slits worked hard, not to copy popular male bands and dressed in ways that defied ideas of what is feminine and sexy on the street band members were literally attacked. I'll singer who was fourteen fifteen when we first got together with stop twice in front of me by men, starved for looking like she looked Albertine is in her sixties now has been married, divorced, survived cancer, raised her daughter and stayed best friends with her mother who died for years ago. We'll talk about her life today and what her punk aesthetic and anger mean to her now and David in Cooley reviews a new HBO documentary about Robin Williams. That's on fresh air. First news Live from NPR news. In Washington I'm. Lakshmi. Singh President Donald Trump is drawing bipartisan criticism after he appeared to cast doubt on Russia's interference in the two thousand sixteen. Presidential election NPR's Scott Horsely has more on what Trump said and didn't say during today's joint news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin after their one on one in Helsinki lawmakers from both parties are lining up to say what the. President did not that they believe the assessment of US intelligence that Russia interfered in the two thousand, sixteen election, Tennessee Republican Bob corker who heads the Senate Foreign Relations committee said Trump's equivocation on that point makes the US look like a pushover and. Democratic leader Chuck Schumer suggested darkly Putin may hold damaging information on Trump the president insists that, isn't so and I have to say if they had it would've been out. Long ago Russia's president was asked directly if he has compromising material on. Trump Putin sidestepped. The question Scott Horsely NPR news Washington in his first remarks since departing Helsinki Trump tweets that he has. Quote great confidence, in. His intelligence people however he goes on to tweet we cannot exclusively focused on the past as the world's two large nuclear, powers we must get along a tweet from President Trump a short time ago as Air Force One makes its way back to joint base Andrews NPR's Ron Elving reports Trump's to meet around Putin appeared friendlier than when he met with. NATO members last week those are our allies twenty eight other countries with whom we are allied largely, against the, threat posed I by the Soviet Union now by the Russian federation under Vladamir Putin and we did not seem to have anything like the. Same kind of chummy relationship with many of those leaders and the staging of much of it brought that out that's NPR's Ron Elving a federal judge in California has temporarily. Halted the deportation of immigrant families that have been reunited after being separated. By the Trump administration NPR's Joel rose reports that decision came from, the same judge who ordered the government to reunite the, families the government is working to reunite roughly two thousand. Five, hundred and fifty immigrant children. With their parents by court order deadline of July twenty sixth what will happen. To those families after reunification is unclear lawyers for the American Civil Liberties union which brought. The lawsuits say they're concerned about rumors of mass deportations, of families that have just been reunited in response judge Dana Subroto said he would order a temporary halt. To deportations for a, week until lawyers for the government can respond to the ACLU's motion the Trump administration says it has reunified all eligible children under the age of five. And it submitted a plan to reunify older children ahead of next week steady line Joel rose NPR news before the close the Dow was up forty five points at. Twenty five thousand. Sixty four the NASDAQ was down twenty points at seventy eight oh five SNP was off two points this is NPR from geeky weedy news Amina Kim San Francisco transportation officials are expected to. Vote tomorrow on a ban on tour buses in. Front of. One of the city's famous. Homes key cuties Michelle Wiley has more The house featured on the ninety s sitcom full house and recent Netflix reboot fuller, house is a major tourist attraction Neighbors say the crowds are relentless visiting day and. Night now the San Francisco MTA, is set to vote on. Whether or not they'll band tour buses on the street. But resident Carla has Hagen says buses aren't the real problem we have people standing. On the street to take pictures we have people double parking..

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