EU and Japan sign trade deal covering a third of the world's economy


Hello I'm Marion Marshall with, the BBC news the European Union says a free trade deal just signed with Japan sent a clear message against protectionism the EU council president Donald tusk said the two. Sides would defend a world based on rules freedom and common sense in? An apparent reference to the, imposition, of, tariffs by, the Trump administration mister to describe the deal with Tokyo as a light in the darkness do you want to know. What is the real risk for our business if companies people the risk political thorough aggressive rhetoric unpredictability irresponsibly the real risk. For, our business Not The accord is expected to benefit European food produces and Japanese. Carmakers it has to be ratified by the European parliament and Japan's, assembly the Spanish Prime. Minister Pedro Sanchez has told parliament that his centre-left government will introduce a new law on sexual consent to remove ambiguities in rape cases announcing the government's. Program he said sex without explicit consent would be considered, rape We are going to bring forward this measure and we'll. Do it with a view to specialized training for those working in this field incorporating, the concept of explicit. Consent everything done by those administering Justice clear if they say no it, means no and if. They don't say yes it. Means no to dozens of Syrian civilians of approach positions occupied by the Israeli. Army on the Golan Heights apparently seeking help or sanctuary they were among the. Thousands of people who've been displaced by fighting in southwestern Syria a Middle East. Analyst Alan Johnston reports video footage showed Syrian civilians gathering on a, rocky hillside close to. Frontier fence some stood waving white cloths it seemed a rather desperate attempt to get help or perhaps crossed the border but in Israeli soldier with a. Loudspeaker warned, the small crowd to move away thousands of Civilians who fed. A Syrian army advanced to the country southwest sheltering in the border region Israel weren't allow them to, cross into territory it'll. Keep is but it has sent aid across the frontier Israel has further tightened its blockade of the Gaza Strip suspending fuel supplies and. Reducing the area allowed for fishing. Off the coast the Israeli authorities, have the measures were in, retaliation for the. Hundreds of fires Gazans have caused, in neighboring Israel peon officials in the Oromia and Somali regions have agreed to the deployment of soldiers and police to end a conflict it's. Displaced more than eight hundred thousand people they also said a series of public meetings, will be held along. The border between the two areas to build peace you're listening to the, latest world news from. The BBC this is WNYC. In New York I'm Richard Hake to immigrant children is set to be reunited. With their parents after the government separated the the border last week a federal judge in Connecticut rule the. Separation unconstitutional Davis, Donovan member station w. s. h. u. reports. The children have been staying in a group home in, Connecticut their parents, watch the federal court hearing last week through teleconference link. From a detention center in Texas child psychiatrist diagnosed the children with post traumatic. Stress disorder US Senator Richard Blumenthal. Of Connecticut blame the Trump administration the department of Justice's cruel and inhumane policy of separating children from their parents has. Meant that these two children in Connecticut have. Endured unimaginable trauma and tragedy in their lives a US attorney says the parents are being paroled from federal custody and. Reunited with their children immediately the NYPD is launching internal. Disciplinary proceedings against the officer who. Put Eric garner and a. Fatal chokehold only if the US department of Justice doesn't file charges by September first officials say Daniel, Pantaleo has remained unmodified Duty since Garner's death for years ago on New York one mayor de Blasio approved of the department's announcement and says. The decision, on, the case is long overdue I think it's been a painful for everyone involved obviously particularly, for the garner family to not have resolution Charleena might be. These doing exactly the right thing here a spokesperson for the Justice department says it already told the NYPD it could, begin the probe for the NYPD has disputed that account, today marks the four year anniversary of Garner's death New Jersey's medical marijuana program could soon double in size governor Murphy announced yesterday that New Jersey is accepting applications for six new dispensaries adding. To the six that currently operate in state showers and thunderstorms are. Likely mainly after. Two o'clock this afternoon some of these storms could, produce, some gusty wind and heavy rain this is WNYC.

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