Judge Orders Chinese Wind-Turbine Maker To Pay $59 Million For Stealing Trade Secrets


Massachusetts man pleads not guilty to assaulting four people while his dog dies in the back seat of a hot car hopkinton state park according to police berta carminatti became aggressive with his girlfriend and her two daughters and another relative one of the daughters was pregnant he resisted police officers responding to the scene and punched a security guard at the hospital his dog later found dead in the car carmen lawyer says he is the victim here a federal judge finds a chinese wind turbine manufacturer one and a half million dollars for stealing trade secrets prosecutors had charged chenoweth i'll wind group llc with conspiracy theft of trade secrets and wire fraud in two thousand thirteen a us district judge in madison wisconsin handed down the fine friday they also put cinna ville on probation for a year prosecutors say centerville employees stole software from us company a m s c the employees convinced an a m s c worker in austria to secretly download source code from a m s c computers that was back in two thousand eleven one place making new recorded in the highest esteem among its peers get the news at about edward r murrow award defendant not guilty of essence cast breaking news dorchester award newswatch never stops wbz newsradio ten thirty wbz news time is five twenty three it's traffic and weather together.

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