Toxic algae a slimy mess for aquatic lifeblood of South Florida


App download it today and listen anytime anywhere news radio seven eighty and one five point nine fm wbz news time one fifty one joliet police say a man they went to arrest used his baby to fend off officers wb bm's nancy hardy reports daniel where it has accused of punching and kicking the mother of his baby the herald news reports when police went to arrest the twenty two year old at a party wednesday at three am he threatened officers and used his infant child to shield him from them police say then relatives got involved they say geraldino ortiz took the baby from quetta and while holding the child hit an officer in the head thirtythreeyearold ortiz and forty three year old maria ortiz were also arrested nc hardy newsradio one zero five point nine fm many people planning to boat or swimming america's lakes and rivers this weekend have to check not only the weather forecasts but also the water forecast rain heat and pollutants are causing an outbreak of toxic algae exposure can cause several health issues florida's lake okeechobee has some toxic troubles after heavy rains the army corps of engineers released millions of gallons to relieve pressure on the lakes old earth and down but the water is chock full of chemicals and nutrients much of it runoff from commercial agriculture and sprawling development when that mix bakes in the summer sun the algae population explodes biologist john cassani has been collecting samples and warning about the health hazards the toxins the sign of bacteria produce are incredibly potent they affect liver function there's narrow toxins that they produce so it's a suite of really toxic stuff that can kill wildlife and really impact people's health that is cbs news correspondent manuel bojorquez reporting the zookeepers didn't think stormy the male rhinoceros had it in him they were wrong stormy off and tried to breed with the four female rhinos at the north carolina zoo zookeepers had never seen him succeed so imagine their surprise when linda turned up pregnant then gave birth on july second to a rare southern white rhinoceros the outgoing curator of the mammals at the zoo said quote stormy was waiting until we were gone until he actually turned on the charm the keepers are apologizing to him for doubting him yes apologizing to a rhino coming up on your next job how to retain new hires wbz news time one fifty three and is now a page from the diary of flo dear diary i got the brush off again i don't get it is there something wrong with the way i wave elbow wrist elbow wrist why won't that little bass hound.

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