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Health to contraception insurance coverage to the potential altering of boundaries within the i ninety five redevelopment district raimondo's aides say the legislature has shipped over to her all the bills passed this year she is now done signing vetoing or allowing them to become law without his signature while one single day governor pens one hundred eighty three bills into law of course she doesn't have any veto power because well because the state lawmakers won't let us vote on it no they certainly don't want it and they won't even let us they won't even put it on a referendum unfortunately so the heat continues in fact three people in the northeastern dead from this heat wave one woman who was gardening and pennsylvania like that can't wait an elderly man in new york city and a thirty year old man in wilmington new york of all died due to the hot temperatures couple of deaths in kansas city also being looked at in texas three people attending a holiday event were taken to the hospital to one hundred and three million americans are stuck in this thing from the midwest west to the northeast and south all under heat alert not only heat index is hitting triple digits but in some spots the temperatures are actually gonna rise to one hundred degrees to whether it's not supposed to start breaking as we sit until tomorrow so remember stay indoors as much as you possibly can find a cool place go to the movies go to the mall library stay hydrated and make sure you check in on your vulnerable neighbors and family especially elderly neighbors and the young ones because they are the most prone to some heat damage so just take it easy take a slow if you don't have to do anything don't do it people heading to the beach to escape the heat that's for sure michaela mcdonald from eyewitness news following them from near alpha warrick cranston and far linden her long island new york great sir you up your vacationing dozens flock to oakland beach in warwick to cool off this independence day enjoy the warm weather and the sun and get some pulling off what is beautiful nice and warm already pretty hot out to the beach now go home to get ready for the wedding it's been amazing so far some refreshed with new england frozen lemonade i got my laminate i'm all set others had their heart set on the doe boys boy boy i loved boys in chowder house tells us that july third and fourth are two of the busiest days of the year for them last night they even extended their hours for fireworks at the beach rhode island department of health had actually closed oakland beach swimming due to hide bacteria levels previously but that had reopened just in time for the fourth of july holiday nine minutes after seven o'clock i dunno hot doboy the day like yesterday you know i listen i guess this tradition i couldn't do it dunedin naylor in the providence journal says five children and three adults were rescued wednesday afternoon from an overloaded fifteen foot boston whaler that was swamped by a wave and the breezeway near george's of galilee salty brine state beach out there narragansett harbourmaster kevin connor said that he saw the small craft and he came in behind one of the block island ferries saying that it looked to me like a grossly overloaded boat and i knew it was just a a recipe for disaster he said on wednesday night so he activated the blue lights on his twenty four foot police boat and made a beeline for that wailer you said they took a swell right over the bow he said washed a couple of kids from.

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