No Storybook Ending for Serena Williams


Last time nation with so few people went to the finals was uruguay in nineteen fifty today in the finals they'll play a french team that showcases the power of europe's diversity england got knocked out of the world cup but at the all england club a wimbledon for the ages kevin anderson who's never won a grand slam getting past the great roger federer and playing two of the longest wimbledon matches in history on his way to the finals and serena williams just ten months after the birth of her daughter alexis after enduring multiple surgeries coming back as the twenty fifth seeded player making it all the way to the finals she came up short but after the match she said to all the moms out there i was playing for you and this week the nation's capital will welcome the immortals of baseball hosting the all star game for the first time since one thousand nine hundred sixty nine a game that brought maze aaron clementi in seventeen other future hall of famers to capital city still reeling from the assassination of robert f kennedy and martin luther king the year before the all star game was also here in one thousand nine hundred sixty two just months before the cuban missile crisis president john kennedy throwing out the first pitch and greeting his friend stan musial as kennedy wants put it they told me i was too young to be president and you were too old to be playing baseball but we fold them but the team sports story of the week undoubtedly belongs to the wild boars the soccer team in thailand that made it out alive and that's the greatest victory of all and a reminder abc's coverage of the helsinki summit begins tomorrow morning with george stephanopoulos and david muir on the ground reporting across all our abc news platforms thank you for sharing part of your sunday with us have a great day we've been listening to abc's this week on c span radio our sunday show coverage continues in ten minutes coming up in about eight minutes.

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