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Cubs broken at wide open they lead eleven to four listen to these fans in san diego and other central division action of was cincinnati eight saint louis to that means the exit of cardinals manager mike matheny here's fired bench coach mike scheldt is interim skipper will continue to watch that story former milwaukee brewers pitcher zack rinky having a standout year throwing for the banks yesterday he was dominant in three to nothing win over atlanta and the arizona offense wasn't too bad either say it's one into left center that ball well back of the warning track out the wall and you can touch them all i could tell his ninth home run of the season and it gets the diamondbacks eight three nothing lead sack rankings silence the braves offense through seven and twothirds innings giving up just four hits and retiring twenty three of the twenty seven batters that he faced northwards league baseball action last night and mack wanted was the chinooks twelve the green bay bulldogs won the home and away series with the chinooks in bulldog bowl frogs moves to green bay this afternoon i pitch is set for one oh five pm there's a change of uniform for jabari parker he's no longer a milwaukee buck parker has agreed to way two year forty million dollar deal with the chicago bulls last night in las vegas in the nba summer league get was the seventy sixers defeating the milwaukee bucks final score ninety one eighty nine at wimbledon as we said angelique kirby defeating serena williams six three six three to win the ladies single final played i'm from i point to the last point really good she's saying she played unbelievable today all eyes on the world cup final in moscow this morning as france and croatia battle for the championship it all gets underway at ten am milwaukee time at the john deere classic and quite cities michael kim tops the leaderboard at twenty two under par once again a pregame program getting underway at twelve noon from pittsburgh on wtmj we'll take a look at that forecast in just a moment wtmj news time is eight forty seven rise and shine with gene and kids were hearing a lot about it in milwaukee how does it play for those kids being separated.

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