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A weapon was recovered a passenger bus tractor trailer rig and two other vehicles collided on i twenty five north of albuquerque free people were killed and twenty two taken to hospitals drugstore chain cvs apologizing to camilla hudson of chicago the black woman falsely accused by white managers of trying to use a counterfeit coupon says to me you should probably we because i believe it was like the sweater this warning by concerns about the police what makes you think that i would be concerned about you calling belief i'll be here when the police arrive one of the managers involved maury mattson was an illinois trump delegate in two thousand sixteen against cbs's apologized you're listening to abc news koa newsradio time is now five oh to the rockies beat the mariners today here at home final score was four to three and what at times was a little bit of a damp game they'll now play the diamond backs away that game will be on friday flash flood watches continue across parts of the state including the.

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