Wildfire could become 'major threat' to Yosemite, scientist says


And i'm jeffrey shout it was a political shocker senator feinstein loses a major endorsement to her democratic party opponent but what does that all mean for member and president trump meets with his top advisors i head of his one on one with ladimir putin i'm peter finn what's happening and why kcbs am fm and hd one san francisco oakland san jose it's two o'clock cbs news on the hour sponsored by progressive insurance i'm deborah rodriguez president trump meets with russian president vladimir putin net a little more than an hour from now in finland correspondent steven portnoy is in helsinki hours before the start of the meeting the president tweeted that america's relationship with russia has never been worse due to quote many years of us foolishness and stupidity and now the rigged witchhunt the president hopes after he spends a few hours together here with putin things will improve will do just fine mr trump will report on its progress at a news conference with the russian leader set to start just before ten am eastern time steven portnoy cbs news helsinki south carolina republican trae doughty has some advice for the president on cbs is face the nation first requests of ladimir putin needs to be tell us which airport we can pick up the twenty five russians that tried to interfere with the fundamentals of our democracy is russians indicted and robert muller's investigation into interference in the twentieth sixteen election a wildfire has now closed a key route into yosemite national park cbs's mireya via rail the ferguson fire tore through more than four thousand acres it started late friday night and steep rugged terrain has been a challenge for fire crews cal fire unit chief nancy cobra confirms thirty six year old brandon varney died while fighting the ferguson fire officials say varney was driving a bulldozer that overturned as he tried to create a boundary for the flames conditions have been dangerous they say to retrieve his body police in chicago have released bodycam video showing a black man shot and killed by an officer saturday night had a gun in a hip holster and reached toward his waist as he ran away her harith augusta's death set off violent protests police superintendent eddie johnson narrative that was out there was that there was no gun you know and and you know how this stuff starts up i don't know you know so i think that this will help calm people's fears about that this was not an unarmed individual after topping the three dollar mark in many parts of the country gas prices are finally dropping industry analyst trilby lundberg it's down one cent from three weeks ago it is unlikely to change at this point at least greatly up or down maybe a decline of a couple of penny average price of a gallon is two ninety four that's sixty three cents higher than it was a year ago celebrations over france's world cup soccer wing quickly devolve into chaos on the streets of.

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