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At least i wasn't the only one i think that man will be president states right about the time that spacious come down with dinosaurs at red cape product matters here and he's a flawed product i mean that's again where my confidence comes in this guy in my view is not going to be elected president well the bottom line issues the most qualified i think she's got about ninety five percent chance in this election projection is pretty confident that you're going to see three hundred twenty three electoral votes for hillary clinton clinton will be our first woman president president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states exclamation point at real donald trump real donald trump at least i will go down as a president election night two thousand sixteen was supposed to be the end of the republican party as we knew it trump is headed for a historic defeat that she's going to happen very good nine so the technical term for that if she's anywhere near your prediction would be blow out give a lance i don't know landslide the to the electoral catastrophe for republicans that is upon them just really can't be overstated be a wakeup call to those republicans have existed in this little thought bubble of their own that this isn't a winning form of politics we were all very very wrong and here we go ladies and gentlemen welcome to decision night in america here at nbc's democracy plaza whatever happens tonight history and he's going to be made it just may be she has a bigger banks just a record keeping ohio is close to cough florida too close to call pennsylvania too early to call to be wire everybody just take a deep breath it's gonna be okay come on something's outta be making you nervous right now when i mean michigan always makes me nervous brace for impact new york times now saying chance of a trump presidency is ninety two percents this is a fox news.

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