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And we're ninety minutes away from the the trading day in the sketch headlines from around the world christine harvey's with christine president trump is scheduled to meet putin in helsinki tomorrow just days after the justice department announced charges against twelve russian intelligence officers for hacking offenses the indictments are part of the ongoing special counsel probe into potential coordination between the trump presidential campaign and the kremlin secretary of state mike pompeo says he's confident the meeting real quote but america in a better place the trip to finland follows an eventful few days in the uk for president trump yesterday thousands of protesters demonstrated in scotland as the us leader took a short holiday one of the two golfers he owns the country scars first minister nicola sturgeon nor any of her government met him israel and hamas breaks a ceasefire in the gaza strip the agreement was announced late saturday and is the largest daytime assault on the area by israel in four years they attacks targeted dozens of military facilities and killed two city teens and wounded fourteen china's monthly trade surplus with the us row swing record twenty nine billion dollars in june the data underlines the imbalance at the heart of the escalating trade war between the world's largest economies and there's little sign that the us deficit with china will improve anytime soon and france takes on croatia in the world cup final later an unexpected matchup that payers of the european union sounding nations against the blocks newest member is a chance to avenge a semi final defeat at the hands of france in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight when the french went on to win the title for the first and so far only time last night belgium england to take third place global news twenty four hours a day on air anna tick tock on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm christine harvey this is bloomberg thanks so much christine well turkey has been cut deeper into junk territory by fitch ratings which cited the nation's widening current account deficit rising inflation and declining economic policy credibility the lira slid following the news extending its biggest weekly declines skews me since the global financial crisis has an air don rattled markets last week as he appointed his soninlaw as finance minister but in a more pulses story for khazar whose credit has been raised to stable from negative by moody's agency says the nation can withstand the economic financial and diplomatic boycott by saudi led neighbors in its current form even if there are further restrictions for an extended period of time with ite a deterioration of its credit profiles so being and for more we're joined by a falsehood if ball head of middle east researcher criticize to have you with us this morning circle back to turkey first of all so of not turkey two notches deeper below investment grade the bombs traded eighteen point seven five percent in terms of you are the bombs priced for this dying grade increasingly yes i mean this is something that's been happening gradually and we've been watching the bonds come under more pressure and frankly i think wooding really hits it on the head and it captures of the market sentiment that the has been a significant problem with central bank credibility and that's really what you're seeing happening both on the effects on the fixed income front rating agencies aren't big fans of politicians eating into independent institutions we'll see what they say about the us in a few years time speaking of turkey though paul kirkman arguing in an oped last week that turkey is at risk of one thousand nine hundred asian style financial crisis is that something that you would agree with based on the recent dynamics i wouldn't go that far but i would say that we have highlighted several emerging market countries specifically.

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