In final letter, McCain says he 'lived and died a proud American'


In Washington lawmakers from both parties along with, the American Legion demanded it and now President Trump has once again lower the White House flag and. Ordered all flags lowered in honor of the. Late Senator John McCain in a. Statement the president says despite their differences he respects McCain service to the country the. Late Senator left behind a posthumous. Letter it was just going to be a briefing on the, arrangements, for the salute and services but John McCain had one more message I. Lived and died a proud American. Family spokesman Rick Davis read a final, letter the Zona Republican left behind Americans never quit we. Never surrender we never hide from history we. Make history McCain, also, warned against confusing tribalism with patriotism noting this. Is a country built on an idea not blood and soil. Davis says McCain's body will lie in state, Wednesday at the. Arizona capitol which will remain open. As long as people Line I'm warning eleven. And there are emotional tributes already to, the Senator on the Senate floor this afternoon majority, leader Mitch McConnell says the Senate, will never be the same one of the very honest gentleman, with whom I've had the honor to serve We will not forget him I considered are privileged to return some small share of the love the John. Poured out for this

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