Anthony Scaramucci: Possible Trump knew about Trump Tower meeting


People and animals through the. Bite of an infected mosquito. Anthony Scaramucci says President Trump may have known of, a meeting. Between his campaign officials and, Russia if you check sources inside the, White House you, check sources inside that campaign The level of fanaticism it is very possible Scaramucci says it's possible Trump was informed of the two thousand sixteen meeting after the fact that meeting. Apparently happened at Trump Tower between Donald Trump junior Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort and Kremlin linked lawyer in hopes of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton scare Mucci says it's possible Trump never knew about the meeting Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen says he was there when the president was informed of Russia's offer to meet with them. Before it took place, the director of the US National Economic Council says he. Believes President, Trump deserves a victory lap for the nation's. Current economic status on CNN state of the, union Larry cudlow says Trump is not, to, blame for trade wars, cutlass at the president inherited a. Broken world trading, system and he's doing his best to fix it Kudlow believes terrace are a good thing. When they're targeted, for a good purpose like China he claims the president is a free trader. Who wants to have no tariffs five members, of the same family have been Shot and killed in Texas authorities are working to determine what led to a shooting spree on Friday that left two people dead in a home and. Two others dead at a nursing home before the alleged shooter killed himself the creator of blackish, is leaving ABC studios Kenya Barras said Friday his rumored departure. Is official and his deal with a network which had three years left will end in August there said he'll continue to. Work with ABC studios with his current series including blackish and its spinoff grown ish as well as current projects in development and checking traffic from your helpful socal. Honda traffic center, heading into south LA and the one ten. Southbound side right around Manchester had a problem earlier with, a dog that was running right lanes it. Looks like everything has been wrapped up at this point but things are pretty. Tough coming, away from about Lawson prevents is going to be a heavy Rodney between Florence and just before you get to Vernon avenue Northbound, four zero five off and on delays coming out.

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