Woman, 2 great grandchildren reportedly killed by Calf. blaze


Your that goes smart speaker just say hey Alexa play, WBZ NewsRadio on iheart radio it's an all out effort. To stop the fires and Redding California police say a seventy year old woman enter to young great, grandchildren, are confirmed. Dead amidst the raging wildfire that brings the death toll to five. At least thirty-seven thousand residents have been displaced ABC's Alec stone tells us at least five hundred buildings across more than eighty thousand acres have been destroyed there. Is no let up in the firefight it remains a tough battle here in the downtown area of. Reading it is raining ash and not just ash the big chunks. Of trees and homes that were picked up in the air as a burned. And they landed mile Miles away up, the road a bit from downtown entire neighborhoods are gone and the. Firefight continues wins a fueling the fire also pushing it away from reading a city about ninety thousand along with other populated areas nearby yet thousands remain under evacuation orders. WBZ news time four forty one we check sports on this Saturday afternoon WBZ's Chris, pharma, is, in the ace hticket dot com. Sports studio we have been this begin this one Mike at patriots training, camp first full day of full pad practices the third straight day when questions from the media received non answer answers for members of the. Team including quarterback Tom Brady who left his. Press. Conference abruptly after a question about Julian Edelman and Alex Guerrero meantime down in Vicksburg Mississippi Malcolm Butler. Recently sat down with ESPN's Cameron Rolf and. When the former patriot was asked his thoughts about what happened in. The Super Bowl last February Butler was honest about both his candor and is a vase of nece it was a it was a tough. Time learning time and Is good now move for move though so Not. Really I'm trying to flip the question Butler added that Belichick called to congratulate him and thank him for his contributions in. New England after he signed with Tennessee training camp continues for the pats tomorrow morning game three or four tonight between the SOX, and twins the two clubs have split the first two of this four. Game series Rick Porcelli will be on the mound. For Boston Jayco to Rizzi will go for Minnesota and other. Baseball news the royals played their first game without. Third baseman Mike new stock is the first of two today against, the Yankees and it's going well in the ninth Kansas City leads the bombers, by ten five. Score socks we'll have a five and a half game lead in. The east if it holds up, Chris Fava,.

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