Eli Lilly to take animal health unit public


Good morning everyone Pimm FOX, and Tom keep from our studios. In your John, Farrow down, in Washington ninety. Nine point one FM he's gone off to his other franchises Pinhas other properties is they say His, other property, doing TV show right now is a good thing. Talking about Turkish lira crushed Turkish near a four point eight nine week. Or Turkish lira they didn't raise rates renmimbi a little bit weaker swell lifted the market futures up. Ten pin what are you. Focused, on well since you mentioned Turkey I was, interested in, the. Exit of mess at Osceola from the German national team football soccer team very good soccer. Football equals the same. Thing in some places he said that. He quit over racism and disrespect Yeah, he said that when. He wins he's considered German when, he loses yeah, he's considered an immigrant and this all had to. Do with a picture in which he was standing next to the president of Turkey used to air to one in the news today again Turkey with the new regime the new financial regime Turkey saying no we're not, going to raise rates and police, a market so the lira. Weakening out as well we've lots to talk about. This morning right now were their equity. Report we value David Wilson David elite with alphabet you got something better alphabet is as I mean the shares are up four, and a half percent remember. They have two classes of stock in the s. and p. five hundred and indeed the owner. Of Google reported second quarter? Earnings, revenue that beat the, average analyst estimates in a Bloomberg survey in bear in mind they came up with the profit figure, that omitted, the record five billion dollar fine imposed by the. European Union even after that penalty alphabet made money In the quarter they have Verizon of two percent the mobile phone companies profit and sales last quarter surpassed the highest estimates, subscriber growth also be projections, and Verizon raised its revenue forecast, for, the year and we should note AT and t.'s results, are due out after the close of. Course they're the biggest US competitor of Verizon and that stock up about. Three quarters of a, percent at the moment. Verizon one of three companies are, the Dow Jones, industrial average to report the others United Technologies we. Know them for jet engines elevators other products there little changed in early trading and three m dowana half percent even though they're second quarter results were just ahead of estimates then you see the effects of higher commodity, prices on a couple of companies, one of them whirlpool down. Ten percents in early trading the appliance makers second. Quarter results missed projections and Kimberly Clark Tissues diapers. Other consumer products down two and. A half percent they, cut their profit forecasts for, this year to reflect commodity costs as well as currency moves Lockheed Martin by contrast up two and, a half percent the defense contractors second quarter earnings and sales beat estimates and. They're a, full year profit forecast top the highest projections so they're doing well then you turn to pharmaceuticals. Biogen up seven, and, a half percent he drugmaker beat second quarter profit and revenue forecast and raised, its full-year. Estimates ally Willie's up three and, a. Half percent they're spinning off their animal health unit at Lonzo either side to, do it after a months-long study lily second quarter results beat. Estimates as well then you had a take under you might say the banking. Business right Sino-US finance based in Georgia they agreed to, buy Florida's FCB. Financial holdings were two point, nine billion dollars Stock both companies shares taking a head sign of us down seven. And a half percent and FCB lower by, eight and a half percent Quest Diagnostics time about. Stocks are down lower by five percent revenue at the clinical testing company trail the average estimate. By the most more than five years earnings also miss. Projections on a couple of, notable gays to finish this off Tom public group up seven percent the advertising company raises. Full-year revenue forecast after. Second quarter sales topped estimates and we've seen disappointments in that business. From Omni com as well as Francis Publicis Groupe so a real contrast there and Harley Davidson you may recall President Trump. Calling them because of their plans to move production stocks up four percent in early trading earnings for, the second quarter unexpectedly rose revenue topped with. That said they did cut their profit margin forecast, for this year, to? Reflect the tariff imposed by..

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