Mila Kunis blames herself for 'horrible, horrible breakup' with Macaulay Culkin


Mytalk dirt alert update quick look at what's happening in entertainment On mytalk tell me something good Kelly Clarkson sparked a wind debate, after another singer stated. Her personal wine preference on Twitter, mayor and Morris tweeted guys. I hate to tell. You this but red wine is gross Kelly Clarkson said blasphemy. I. Mean maybe you haven't had the right glass of Pinot Noir is all I'm saying this calls for a winery. Tour seriously we have to fix, this hashtag code red wine Cute answer I can relate. To. This I was not a big red wine drinker I received an education in my. In our, recent trip. To Napa and Sonoma I. Found a red that I enjoy so yeah I love red wine. But it gives me. A. Headache so I kind of have to stick to white wine it sucks but. It does, trigger, migraines people that have migraines okay Mila, Kunis admits that it's her fault that she. And, MacAulay Culkin broke up she says, quote I was blankety blank in my twenties. And I'll be the first to admit it I I messed up what. I did and I messed up how I did it and there's a lot. Of expletives in there that I obviously. Stumbled, over I to say it, it was her fault she's admitting everything so. Yeah wild sex romps you know that could ruin a relationship for sure What happened Or if you break up, and yes she basically says yet. It afterwards she just went crazy sex. Romp afterwards But at least. It wasn't very was lusting lusting relationship Oh yeah Okay. All right. Pete Davidson he deleted everything from, his Instagram but it's not because he broke up with. Arianna, Guerande He says, he's getting off. Of social media because quote the internet is an evil. Place and it doesn't, make me feel good. Good for, him that's some good. Self awareness there and positive. For him, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman left Twitter she's like. It's. Just a cesspool she can't do it anymore I, plus he's the one who really is, shared probably too much yeah over shares can't handle. The criticism of his relationship but if you, put it out there you got. To be willing to get. The criticism I don't. Know if you've seen this video but the band color. Me bad they still tour and singer Bryan Abrams. Was arrested he's the lead singer for assault after shoving his, bandmate so basically. He was. Having. A hard. Time singing. He left the stage in his, bandmate came in and saying I wanna sex you up So he sings, a song the very small crowd to that's what. Sad and he comes out and he he, pushed him down and I guess. He was heard saying like. I am color me. Bad I am Coney bad not you it's like well. Buddy you can't sing as well as he does. So I guess you're not actually you're not calling me bad, at all now, does he Yeah okay On. TV tonight we've got America's got talent. On NBC we also have world of dance.

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