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Charged with assault the county police. Say the charges stem from an incident yesterday, where Thomas Hart had a dispute with someone he knew heart was suspended without pay an April from a criminal investigation into an unrelated issue seventy cats and, a rabbit or rescued from a home in north Potomac Tom coning Montgomery County animal services division says last Saturday they. Pulled fifty three, cats from the home and they keep finding more right now are. Concerned to make sure that their health. Or well being as being handled in and once they're clear for medical we've kind of really reached out to the region to see if we. Can get some help and placing these cats but he says, they don't know yet when the katie's will be up for adoption an investigation is underway into the hoarding dog is recovering after Howard county police say one of his owner stabbed and disembowelled him Omar Gherman faces multiple charges including felony animal cruelty police spokesperson Lori Boone animal, control officers work really hard to make sure that cases like this do you end up in charges for the people. Responsible government didn't, just hurt his dog he's also been charged with assaulting an acquaintance. Mainstreet allocates cities open to traffic for. The first time since a flash flood destroyed it in may Howard county executive Elon Kilman It's a big day. A lot earlier than we, did two, years ago the, people Alabama city. Have been great they've been working very, hard, the resins business hours and property owners all credit goes with them for house with we've been able. To open up the road while you can now drive down the street there are parking restrictions in place Fox News. Channel host Kimberly Guilfoil, is leaving the network according to a FOX spokesperson Kilfoyle who dates Donald Trump junior co host, the, afternoon show the five a source, speaking on condition. Of anonymity says Kilfoyle will be joining America first pack.

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