The news you missed during your summer vacation


Been a busy week in Washington. So I did something very purposeful for the last part of the summer. I had not many of you know, I got on this show because I I was in talk radio for many years. And even though the show's been around for twenty two years, I was doing talk radio simultaneously insanity. When Los Angeles. So I was the talk radio guy. Yeah. Be in a studio talking talking on the radio show. So, but I was it was it was, you know, politics and local economy, stop, and this and that how it affects. So since I had no I got out of the local. I mean, I I still do a lot of it. But I'm not full-time. I fall fill in here and there just because it's time consuming, Pat my career in however. I said purposely at the end of the summer starting at the beginning of August. I was gonna shut off CNN Fox News MSNBC CNBC, all news stations. I was gonna listen to any news for a month. You did. And you went to Maui to start it all off. I did I went to Maui with rusty to start off because the problem is in this business. Yeah. People say all the time. How do you guys prep or always prepping because they're always listening? Okay. Turn up listening to yacht. Rock. Yacht rock on. Yeah. No. I'm not kidding. I've been listening to rock on what's the thing called. But that'd be serious or I heart. This is your rock, by the way, I heart radio. This is this was the era of rock, by the way. But like the PINA colada song, for example. Hammock rock. I got Hanukkah. A month. So I want to get back. He's back from. Perpetual, the that he never stops. Never stops. News. And he is he is appears the purveyor of political dot com. He's the author of the book the divided era, Tom, delbra Korotan. How are you, sir? Great to have you on. So I'm not kidding. When I say this the only thing I heard about in the news. I heard John McCain died, obviously because I saw that. I I saw there was some sort of a publication thing where the newspapers came out and said f you Donald Trump or something I didn't I didn't. I didn't even know what that was. But honestly that is as far as I paid attention to the news it literally twenty seven days. So catch us all up, and what's the latest? Here you go. Well, latest is that Trump announced his trade deal with Mexico. Being president. He's got this crazy notion. Show up to work every day and actually. They get to the mid and they're Evan election year. And and they're afraid to do anything. So. So. Really big deal. Markets have responded. Well, NASDAQ went to a new height. They expanded candidates to come along and complete that was in the next couple of months as well. So on business notion the idea that foster economic growth leading Cal Cal Calvin Coolidge, say of America's business, and that the government should get out of the way Trump soon. Yeah. Oh boy. There are those who would want to bring down the presidency for game. That's the competition. Matt America's in these days, and that groups Robert Mueller, and that's not going as well. Although I do. Paul manafort's wind up in jail. That is to be bad lawyer and even dumber client. Lanny Davis Clinton attorney now represents him. Is committing atrocious ethical issues and overstating the fast. I'm not sure that have that much of an impact. But here's. I don't know if anybody does as Thompson attorney, Tom, Tom double cars, a practicing attorney. Oh, good. I need help. When you. Must've got that from Russia. I was worried. Good. I just tell you about rusty nails. When he went to. Rusty males goes to Russia. And what does what do you do when you're taking some downtime and Russia can take your laptop down in the lobby just opened up your laptop and yet. You start hitting online in Russia got high act on my Email list. And you get me get a. Weird radio. It's me. It's all done with emojis. Anyway. So Tom talk about legal the legal east side of this thing. First of all, you talk about you talk about being a bad client in a bad lawyer Manafort, though on the other side of the fence. I would I would argue that if he were if he was convicted as he was and he's probably going to go to jail. This is if there was if if Mueller had anything on him he would have used it over his head to say, well, I'm going to reduce your sentence. Obviously, this means that Miller has nothing on him. Correct. Thank you. Because popadopoulos. Plea bargain calling plea bargain. Manafort, plea bargain, if anybody was gonna know anything about alleged wrongdoings Trump related to the election and would have been those three and it didn't happen. Muller's pushing ahead. Meanwhile, judge let's out terrorists in Mexico desert lets them out on bail manafort's in solitary confinement. The American people seem as they recognize this. And what is going on right now is getting hurt in the polls by these things because it's the numbers are already baked in more hot a chance to be objective. One day. The media had a chance to be objective ruined. Even the I had a chance to fall on both sides. And do what was right? They haven't done it. CBS pollen shows that the more they lean on Trump stronger. His base gaps in wine to get out and reelect Republicans just asked me, I'm still a big fan. So. What about obviously in the economy is just killing it? What about what about this talk? Is. There have been recent talking about Democrats take the takeover congress take the house impeachment. Is there is that kind of died down? Or is that sorta that's going? Fever pitch MSNBC was talking about. This is the end sort of saying, and what's interesting about that is the numbers haven't changed that much now. With this new deal with Mexico unlikely another deal with candidate before the election. Once you're gonna see economies. Dwell. Todd turn after turn off your CPA. He's so piper interview after us to call them on Skype. You can take that. That's all right. Honestly, though, the fever pitch fever pitch. Part of this thing is really interesting. Stay right there, Tom because I'm gonna keep you over here. I think for me, I think I think it's going to be interesting to find out how the false because we got you know, got elections come up enough. Sixty sixty three days,

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