'Dancing With the Stars' new cast announced


Minutes, but first Kevin, you don't know about this. I don't, but it's huge news ABC as is tradition. This morning unveiled the cast members for season twenty seven of dancing with the stars. All right. Ed. None of us watch dancing with the stars. None of us care about dancing stars. But we are. So delighted with the list comes out because it shows how either how out of touch we are or how few stars they're able to get on the show because we usually have heard of about four of the contestants for DNC with this. I did watch some of last season because of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, okay? Magical day ABC's spectacular career would have been one of the ones we would've said okay legitimate star. And look, we're, you know, we don't know there's a lot of people. We don't know because they could be they could be YouTube stars. They could be east sports players or whatever that we just don't recognize. But Allie has the list in front of her and she's going to reveal to his who's going to be going for the coveted mirror ball this season. I will tell you this. There are thirteen names on this list. Okay. All right. I know six of them. Wow. That's better than usual. That means I know two of them possibly. Okay. First up radio personality, Bobby bones. He's a huge star. He works out of Nashville, practically nationally, syndicated nationally, syndicated. Yeah. That's pretty high profile person for people who listen to country music on the radio. So I think he counts I think that's a legit star. Never. Okay. I've heard he's one of the six hundred I know, right? Do you know the name DeMarcus ware? Marcus where athlete. Basketball player what Paul football. Yes. On the Cowboys from two thousand five to twenty thirteen and then the Broncos for two years ending his career in two thousand sixteen. I think that counts as a celebrity, okay. The name. But I'm sure there are a lot of people out there and cowboy nation who are going to be very excited to see him. Absolutely. What about the name Milo Mannheim never heard of joke clue? Told you he was on a Disney channel show. And what if I told you that show was called zombies? Not a show. What hurt any of those words? No me either. Right. What about the name Danielle stead? Nope. No got nothing. Not here. What if I told you? She's a paralympian. Okay. You'll probably win. Then what if I told you she will be the first ever vision impaired contestant now they've had death contestants before obviously Marlee Matlin. But she she blind. It says vision impaired, but she is a slalom giant slalom downhill and super-g skier, but husband guides her down. Oh, so she has to be come on. That's that's crazy inspiration. Absolutely. She's able to do all that. And now dance. Okay. We accept you. Daniel. Okay. Didn't know who you were until thirty seconds ago. But we're glad you're on the show. What about Joe grocery store? Joe, amityville. I got nothing grocery store. Joe made the list. He's one of the stars. Does he know him? I've just got on. To go out on a limb here. Oh worked for grocery store. He I don't know maybe, but he is from the bachelorette and also bachelor in paradise. I assume he works at a grocery store. Right. Sure. Restored. Joe? Would you want that to be your nickname? No, it's horrible. Listen dancing with the stars is bringing the heat, and it can't be like Joe grocery store. Better than grocery store. Right. So recapping for folks just tuning in. These are the stars. Yes. If you missed him radio personality, Bobby bones. Former NFL start to Marcus wear. Disney channel zombies star Milo Mannheim paralympian Daniel 'instead bachelor bachelor in paradise star joke grocery store, Joe, Emma. Beal see what alleys doing building up here. Kevin and she's going to. Wow, us at the end with you know, like a Billy Corgan. Kanye, sure somebody what about the name, John Schneider. Bo Duke, Bo Duke from the. Completely legitimate be ninety. I. Maybe I don't know. That's a legit star. And by the way, don't forget a whole new star. He was on smallville for like ten years as Clark Kent's father, too, by the way, which wasn't that long ago. I think totally count. All right. I'll get into that. All right. Oh, what about John Pablo de pace? No clue. Pablo t pace who the hell he is on fuller house. Oh, sorry. Bob. We watch every episode. We just missed his name. Right. Sure. He's great. How about this one Nancy mckeon? Intimate. Is she? Her from. If you take the good, you take the bad. You take them both in there. You have the facts of life facts of life. There's a time. You gotta go and show your growing. Now, you know about the facts of life, right? She was of your vet show. She was Joe freaking. That that make her a star was once she wrote the motorcycle, she was like the rebel. She would always wear a hair back in a ponytail. But on the side there were two braids. And I'd always asked my mom to do my hair like that never happened. So you're legit excited about this. And we're still talking about stars. Right. Yes. Okay. This next one I wanted to name my hamster after her, but I lost out and we named him rocky. And then he got out of the cage, and then Alon more ran over him. But that's a whole other story down target. The tough diversion, Mary Lou Retton. Oh. Absolutely. Olympic generalists press nineteen Eighty-four huge is it she like three foot nine or something. Tiny woman. What about to Naci? Tadashi? Right, right. He I saw a concert of his he he's a great rapper. You like him last date or does he or she just go by Tanaka? Well, he's a big enough star. I seen him in concert which is odds because it's a woman, and she is indeed a singer though. Oh, okay. All right. All right. Alexis ren. Know the name. Well, why? Is I don't know the name. I don't know either. She is a maximum covergirl and Sports Illustrated swimsuit rookie from two thousand eighteen will allow it. Okay. All right. And we have a winner. Kevin. You should know this fun Yvonna Lynch. Yvonne, lynch. Dr our stance. And we're trying to figure out who eighty of the are. You're saying specifically, I should know. Yes. Does she play women's soccer? No, maybe you would know her from her character name. Okay. Luna love good. I got nothing over here. Guys. I don't know Harry Potter. Oh, okay. All the Harry Potter movies. But also a great poor name. So you looked a little nervous. I'm not gonna lie. What's your name? Lou. Luna. What in the Harry Potter? Love. Good. Was that a big a big part? Kevin our idea. This is not a this is not a list. It's blinding me with going to wrap it up with somebody that we all know, this is like, no, Paul McCartney. Okay. Huge Alastair Hanks know, Joe Biden, I'm saying. When we all know, okay. Personally, personally. Hold on here on the show. Yeah. Okay. Is it? What's her name, Sarah Shahi? It is not Sarah Shahi. That would have been a great. Yes. It is. Oh, no. Wasn't a great gift because it was wrong. Right. But had has been right thing. Okay. It is a comedian, Sarah Silverman. No, no, she's not desperate. Sorry. Fred. Comics. It is not what you come out Whitney Cummings. Are we thinking too big? Little bit numb. Nikki glaser. You know about that shirk is I would assume she would make it fun absolutely percents. K yeah. So those are the thirteen stars unveiled for the upcoming twenty seven season dancing

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