Woman falls off sailboat; husband apparently didn't notice for hours


Now this there's another woman, here, in Rhode Island Newport Rhode Island investigators are trying to learn more about a bizarre incident off the. Coast of Rhode Island. According to CBS, Boston a woman said she fell off a sailboat and her husband didn't know she'd been overboard for hours I could talk to him US coast says the woman said she was on her husband's thirty nine, foot sailboat sometime Friday afternoon and there were sailing, from, Newport. To East Greenwich green witch The woman who had thirties, haven't, identified Was found on an island nearby at four AM and by a passing boater who heard her cries for help The Providence. Journal reports that the, woman had had mild hypothermia refused treatment or husband was found around two AM in. Warwick after he is sailboats ground demand told local police that he thought his. Wife was below deck and sleeping didn't realize she was missing Quotas. Pretty challenging because you could have been anywhere she could've swam to another island or. Another side of the bay Or a buoy or a beach where to Gilligan's

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