2018 Critics’ Choice Predictions: Laurie Metcalf vs. Allison Janney


What also are people talking about laura dern one renata really know honestly like she got the award really like she did it for amadullah and that's what's really nice right but like shaming could have won four igna yet so i i think and i think she lean should've one allow she works like the whole show was about her why she only supporting i dunno i don't get to have like the decide who supporting and who and also people are in a brouhaha because big little eyes one everything for limited tv series but now they're getting another season and it's not a limited tv series noon no no no has so much i know i know i'm right about this it everyone is up in arms because they wine and it was submitted as a limited tv series when it's not going to be a limited tv series but you know what sucks to suck lexi people are talking about is i tanya this is what did you see it now this is the thing about our tanya allison janney totally deserve to it i'm very happy for i love her even though she was like a weird career trajectory because she's like i'm sitcom but that she's alice it come at the same time at she's winning golden globes yet and that will permanent jessica i'm like it's not like friends it was it was so good literally the movie was amazing except like i couldn't fully enjoy the way because like i knew i was being lied to and allison janney said that she was like you know tanya you're a hero because your perspective of the truth like that's another word for lie yeah i perceive that the sky is green but it's like take those years story there's nicer in and there's a truth so i'm really happy for and i love mugger bobby but like stop trying to rewrite history unlike justice for nancy kerrigan and is adam could.

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