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Is tougher sports schedule talk seven or a ninety lot tougher i love schedule it love with ugo they very all latin they might go be in home the college of your football rockets playoff year you know after year i gotta look what at myself would you i really just didn't expect do it the knocked from out ucf by beat heading memphis in take the american what conference would you really sixty know about 255 them based on ucf the the coach teams scott that frost they've played has unbeaten a sevenyear you deal don't to know leave a whole to heck nebraska of a lot that's that is how official i feel about wisconsin graders there's when a quick i look way at the you could if they can just come out and we beat ohio are state sports here talk seven uh ninety i'm not real so sure tanks it's going to in happen i just tongi don't years know i don't to have an a few ira to either radio station way or art normally markets on the normal basketball survey game firm undefeated understanding and fourthranked wisconsin if against they're going number to be eight ohio a legitimate stay which will test start for quarterback ohio state j t tonight barrett or they're going he to had lose an arthroscope by a couple of touchdowns procedure how on do you his knee know last i think sunday it's number the one toughest clemson t versus r balu miami meyer said in tonight's he's going to acc be one hundred percent title game i've that's steve just to say coach speak nobody's 100 percent this time of the year but especially i coming box off an football injury saturday roles yeah that and or look right at you six georgia we've had jake so from far two touchdown passes is number this three good oklahoma for college football won the big 12 so far title game bad forty for college one football seventeen over tcu well baker i mayfield think that's four a great touchdown question passes because and central florida it leads.

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