Where he started again finding work in movies


Where he started again finding work in movies in german cinema lugosi began appearing in the types of horror fantasy and thriller films that he become known foreign hollywood playing hypnotists and spies and jekyll hide type characters but his career was not limited to such sean rinse he also starred in an epic german adaptation of the last of the mohicans he thought of himself as a romantic leading man but there didn't seem to be a path to movie stardom for daylight in chaotic postworld war one germany and in 1926 he boarded a cargo ship bound for the united states he didn't speak english so in new york he sought out other hungarians eventually finding meagre work performing plays in hungarian for crowds of immigrants there he would need billed as europe's greatest film star in embellishment that wasn't true but couldn't be fact checked and did more good than harm his first englishlanguage role came in a nineteen twenty two production bela claimed he convinced the producer to hire a language coach out of the goes ghozi's future earnings and the actor worked with the coach to memorize the full script phonetically it would be a long time until he was fluent in fact there are some reports that he prepared for his first few major hollywood parts including dracula the same way of course his lack of language skills didn't matter and silent film and in nineteen 2003 lugosi made his american screen debut playing the villain in a war picture called the silent command but bela did not catch on as a screen actor in america right away.

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