Jeff probst as his best dr seized impression sale


I felt now i need a verb pack okay now i need a noun sunglasses okay another verb track and that is going for rhyming whereas let's your own little shakers really hoping that jeff protesters of palme limerick in this description yeah this is actually jeff probst as his best dr seized impression sale all right now on wind glass not the actual wind mike just going for the glass okay an adjective m muddy verb mother but matter that agatha christie motif and now n num how about horn plural noun and don't you dare say horn in on it got onto me in honor of the reward challenge chips of movie mike tv show let's be fair to mary is well remember the death said speaking of for route that's what i wanted to watch as a stage play and the musical others cover all the media well okay you didn't talk about the cw coming back in bringing you the new version of chips those though all right verb crawl plural noun airconditioners while is all up in the plural nouns okay adjective dusty noun son and location how about mount rushmore if we can we become so america's centric in our locations this episode i feel like that's like also it's a little bit like we're getting improper suggestions as they give me a location that could could on the stage and like ninth has a ten it's gonna be my rush yes that sorry all i can think of his business so do you guys know are you familiar with garfunkel an oath joke okay so they're show i just remember they go and they're like performing their opening or closing for an improv group and the people in the audience just everything is a sexual innuendo that's like i need suggestion you know for those than everybody's like hall and grow this thing is like i heard like a bank robber river this having yeah so i just out of that someone who has been involved in the improper community that is one hundred and fifty percent yeah yeah yeah that's what i be like you don't have to make a dirty were very good at what we do i'm just trying to hook okay so now what did jeff probst say about the immunity challenge this week.

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