Because i talked to nick hanan you'd one double in the film and he was saying that


Yeah i mean i think the biggest thing in the biggest take away all the rigorous training that these actors went through to kind of vim body and emulate um southern h b c show style marching band because i talked to nick hanan you'd one double in in the film and he was saying that the 'cause there's will drummers in the film and and they saw these actors come on set and they're like what is this what is this what are what is going on i mean guy they're trying to make a movie about hb may than you're having actors instead of real drummers well there's a little bit of controversy in terms of the training but all the actors went through it and and ended up doing well in terms of on the screen when when the film was role as a quick aside few personally and somebody that was in banned in indiana i mean you know i say that there's this sort of stigma about that except in the black community really viewed a bed your dope but i guess i'm asking you how do you think this movie holds up because like if of eh one now and i watch it because it's got cool like the solo scenes and all that but for you is this movie is this to the flick you check out when it's on every once in a while yeah i to be honest i i watch it every time the comes on vh one or tbs nothing has held up really well and and a lot of the actors in the producers and director charles stone cut to realize that uh dallas austin who is the atlanta music super producer he inspired the film and he kinda said that before drumline a lot of people thought that people in bayan were were nerds their own cool but this movie kinda made it seem like thin showed there was the world and showed the people that to be in a drumline to be in a marketing ban your have what you have a lot of rhythm in your your cool to be in the band and that's why i think the film is really held up over the last fifteen years errand dots dotson of the undefeated joins us year we're talking about his oral history of the movie drumline who is most shocking thing you learned about this film overall besides the fact they had.

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