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To even happened they they have to win but that's not a team off he had its list wanted it'll so the fact that they can't attract bear the no one's really talk about them it's not surprising just because people in los angeles did not want the chargers oh that was a field experiment nfl let's switch gears tonight the dodgers obviously bank out the cubs last night won the pen it did it in greek fashion kershaw with good the finally i would say finally but there just to find that crazy payroll do you think that i was going to announcers i think so i think i think the way the play right now is the way does that we saw them playing during the summer when they had that crazy run where they were fifty two in nine or something like that i mean they're finally play like that both peta's playing well starting pitchers do you line up i've been the waited their playing is really kind of again what we saw during the summer so whether it's the yankees or the houston astros i think they are gonna win it's going to be crazy if it's the dodgers eighty eight years i mean clinton if you look up right now the cheapest tickets they get price at dodger stadium is one thousand dollars though i i would imagine if it's the dodgers yankees that place will only go up wow aspects online that shannon money i got that so let me ask you this though they have been there since 88 i was seven years old mediate kirk gibson obviously or her size are all that.

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