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The retreat ypc mobile news awful level offer a fatal shooting on indianapolis was size thirty eight as the sun rises this morning on behalf of my officers what's trending at edel three you saw the police lights room 21st the post road early this morning after a teenager was shot to death or tv6 was the coal griffin please tell us that teenage boy was shot um by another family member happened around 415 on warders avenue inside at the time of the shooting were at least three of the teens family members including a baby i am pd says the shooting was an accident in colombo's you might have seen a man haute saturday police were after clinton stark who shot and injured a columbus police officer in your garden city around four saturday morning no idea bother to be disarmed one we have no idea why you decide rafi she's a columbus police officer the officer who was shot josh will mccurry is expected to be okay starke was later shot to death by police guns drugs and the cash it's what police found at a home north gladstone avenue during a drug raid earlier this week six people arrested near you'll see plenty of activity around downtown indianapolis next weekend including the wild inner pride coffers at the westin hotel the.

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