Bold predictions for NFL's second half


Of the nfl season begins tonight with the jets host the bills october didn't n well for the jets with three straight losses and they hoped to begin november on a high note buffalo as a half game behind the first place patriots in the afc east the angels have come to terms of justin upton on a fiveyear extension worth one hundred six million dollars the cavaliers will be without tristan thompson for some several weeks due to a calf injury the warriors take on the spurs tonight after routing the clippers bike 28 the defendant champs open their title defence by dropping two of the first three but steve kerr's team has turned around winning four or five of the recipe as been quite basic keep it simple we talk all the time about just heading singles here we have so many playmakers honor our team it's what makes us unique i thank replay makers and passers at every position as so the whole key assist key pitting singles in the blazers will host the lakers i'm rich ackerman college and the pros we are talking football in the jungle weekdays noon eastern on cbs sports radio oh this is jim realm it a cbs sports many sometime now denver there's been is running debate why exactly with recipients still starting and what would it take vim to lose that gangs now we have our answer said denver i've got one more question for you are you ready for the broncos lobster he's back brock wyler cleveland guy do starting quarterback now will not exactly cleveland is going to pay brock nine hundred grand a week is start for denver which is fantastic cleveland is quickly becoming the epicenter of football it's like the kevin bacon game anything that happens in the nfl is six degrees or less away from cleveland in one way or another shawn watson ams the offense players mont cleveland could adam carson wentz nfc offense a player of the month cleveland could add him to aj mccarron mccarron's in cincinnati cleveland should have had him so enjoy it while you can denver you know it's not gonna last long i'm jim realm hiring is important but finding the right people.

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