New York City attack: Trump response


The news is sponsored by mirvish diamond importers fbi and new york city investigators are trying to figure out exactly what prompted of twenty nine year old banda rundown people a manhattan bike path killing at least eight people tourist term argentina and belgium were among the dead the driver of the pickup truck toward down nearly mile long stretch of the popular bike path on the west side of lower manhattan some people got out of the way and just the nick of time i see when i go down i see two gentlemen lane during the by queen wits higher marks across their body the truck came to a stop when they hit a mini school bus filled with kids when the driver got out he was holding would appear to be two guns and were shouting allahu akbar god is great in arabic he was then shot in the belly by your responding cop the weapons turned out to be a paintball done and appellate gam steve kastenbaum in lower manhattan native new yorker donald trump says he's ordered the homeland security department to step up it's extreme vetting program following the terror attack in manhattan the president responded to the attack in postings on twitter that first saying in nyc looks like another attack by a very sick and deranged person law enforcement is following this closely not in the usa he followed that tweet about an hour later with this one saying we must not allow isis to return or enter our country after defeating them in the middle east and elsewhere enough correspondent athena jones but our york attack has prompted a latino advocacy group to pull its controversial video attacking republican ed gillespie in the virginia governor's race that ad shows a man driving a pickup truck with a confession red flag on a glaspie bumper sticker chasing down muslim latino and black children in the street with things be different in virginia governor's race if there was more unity among republicans at gillespie's primary opponent doesn't think so horry stuart says he's told his supporters to vote for a glaspie even seems in promising signs recently think that is his move to the right is campaigning more like guided the he's narrowed in the polls stewart prince william county supervisors chairman now a senate candidate came very close to scoring an upset over gillespie the primary but after.

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