For the dallas cowboys saying


Backup running backs are often healthy scratches look back to last year camera artist pain was the healthy scratch until jonathan stewart was hurt and then campaigners pain was the primary balk here yeah might klay tweeted this out from todd archer back in the day taught archer espn reporter for the dallas cowboys saying does does dynamic that is weak one inactive deactivation mean that elf would be the backup in his response was not necessarily said the cowboys spend all summer preparing mcfadden to be elliott's replacement had the suspension taken effect so he believes it would be daring mcfadden fat that's from todd archer of espn however more recently still a while ago one month ago there is a shout out the definite shout out for the find here scott barrett tweeted out from chris are crane hits do nailed it yeah um you know an an article in this was actually scott linnet hand who is the offensive coordinator for the dallas cowboys which i think i i would take him more serious you know he's closer is it had sort should throw it veritas source but he you know he talked about this a quote from dobbins coordinator of the cowboys about a month ago he said quote we were preparing alfred before the thing with zeke came final for the week a hand said he had taken a lot of reps with the first group to be honest with you and we felt like he earned it at that point he was also great in preseason he talked about that.

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