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Or a mike hooper or mart i'll take road martavis bryant take uga i anybody wanna terrell prior amari cooper bette this week don't have a waterbed yet and we get into friday 'cause i think we all are we all like prior this week yeah and and i it's i'm not i'm not completely against your your stance your on cooper about cooper outside the top fifteen ooh hey beaumont that i'll take the number martavis yeah because i i see a world where cooper is outside of the top fifteen okay well we we just want bet but aren't being wearing barring are you just heard the jordan read rob kelly news you start chris thompson if you have to would you rather start thompson hovering oh that's a good question i think i would go vring they're they're they're using him he'll have more volume so i would i would lean berry okay monday night football the cowboys take on the cardinals in arizona the cardinals three point dogs at home fortyseven point over under we haven't seen that we haven't seen great football from the cardinals this season you have a lot of injuries obviously chris johnson should get a number and increased amount of snaps yes i actually think chris johnson is somebody that i was targeting this week before i noticed to quiz rogers out there on the waiver wire i was trying to get johnson i think i always start chris johnson over matt forte the daily and you're at home in it's actually kind of comedic the last three times the cowboys of players on at home the cardinals of.

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