Bruce sat on sunday night football the seahawks are thirteen point favorite to home


I would gather is zero zero yep it's it's a boobs it's a boost its zero that's the last time i'll say that all right the call to ask the seahawks on sunday night we get to experience jacoby bruce sat on sunday night football the seahawks are thirteen point favorite to home percent shown the ability to drive down the field is you run he's in the top five in the nfl and yards per completion at the quarterback position thank you t y hilton for his contribution to that but you have a weapon that in any circumstance with two i held he can get open he's going to get up and down the field if percent sets willing to throw the ball there could be a big play there and we've seen that the seahawks pass defense it's in the top ten but it's not binge completely shut down this year this is all my way of asking are you starting pass catchers in indianapolis this week including to your home i am i i'm not i mean t way hilton is one of those borderline if you need to start a guy i mean i would start so i think we might have brought this up earlier but you know when you're talking about appeared or sonera or a t y hilton t way hilton has more individual talent right now to to break something on his on his own a get away from a defender and and go for a lot of yards so the problem with jacoby percebt you know i think he's been pumped up to where it's like he really helped because their game scripts have gone better once he's been in in a last week he threw for a touchdown he ran for two touchdowns it so that was what really inflated his numbers the week before against arizona you're talking about why he threw for two hundred and sixteen yards one interception no touchdowns and only ran for twenty two yards so i mean that's that's the jacoby were set an offense i expect when you travel to seattle which means if i can avoid any and all coat weapons i i would what about the seahawks rushdie that now ranks 30th in the league de start frank gore.

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