Actor director and producer mike white


They folks sam jones here welcome to another addition of offcamera the sure i get to talk to iconic creative curious artists and find out how they got that way and in this episode i sit down with screenwriter actor director and producer mike white i found him outside on the sidewalk and brought him in for a chat mike admits he's ambitious he also admits he finds that ambition embarrassing beat hundreds of may it's fueled some of my favorite movies and tv shows of the last two decades including chuck and bug the good girl school of rock enlightened beatrice a dinner his newest brad status stars bins diller it's about a guy with a good career and a happy family the who's still obsessed with the better fortunes of his friends what amazed me about the film is mike's uncanny talent for sucking is right into the conversations that are happening in brad said and it's not long before we realise that they bear more than a passing resemblance to the conversations happening inside our own heads which would be pretty funny if they weren't also ted pathetic if mike is a product of hollywood angst he's also one of its sharpest funniest observers this episode he talks about weir's ideas come from his writing process and why he might just rather take naps for the rest of his life and i was surprised to hear him speak so candidly about the brutal realities of the business and we also talked about the pitfalls of comparing ourselves to others been why we can't stop doing mike wonders if it's possible for him to succeed in this town and still be the cool human he wants to be well i think our conversation answers that questioned.

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