‘Turkey must launch operation in Afrin’


Uh aw this spring like donald trump and mike pence the president and vice president of the united states today we're in israel it's the uh the 2017 sand with israel tour by my dear friend and colleague dennis prager and i are hosting a group of over five hundred listeners to here in the holy land we're broadcasting today from haifa israel this beautiful mediterranean coastal city and when i was in the white house last week i saw sarah huckabee sanders and i just i was so embarrassing embarrass myself this show badly 'cause i went up to earn i i i have an interview to yet as she of course is the daughter of the former arkansas governor she got her in politics serving as the fuel coordinator for her dad's twenty ah o2 reelection campaign for governor of arkansas she now is the white house press secretary i'm not kidding yet went up to her last week here i was interviewing president trump the man came over to us said where's gallagher let me sit out of do gallagher first and i'm like great but i was so impressed by getting to see sarah huckabee sanders who she does battle every day with the white house press corps and i literally and show confirm this because i made a made a jerk myself i said i urge your or use the jury heroes welcome on a gesweine sarah huckabee sanders sarah you can confirm that story that version of events right literally fan buoyed out with you and went up said would a big supporter i am of the of the work you do right could you confirm that i i can't i think frankly activists point that i should stop the interview right here because i've ever had to throw that with okay and it goes down hill from here and i feel like right right yacar accurate that quite while ever had listen trust me i i ain't exactly that the the washington post to the new york times that you're going to have an easy time with me because i i really do appreciate the battles you've got a wage every single day and you do with grace and you do it with style i'm in a room full of people here in israel who were watching me do the show today and that they're all not in their heads that agreement you've got a lot of fans all over.

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