How DeFi Is Disrupting the Financial Space With Julian Hosp


Dr julian say what's up to fire nation and share something that you believe about becoming successful that most people disagree with pleasure to be on. I believe timing is everything and i think. Many people don't give proper timing enough credit. Timing is everything. Proper timing enough credit. And i can tell you a little bit on our conversation today if i had just had a little better timing when it came to bitcoin. Slash other crypto currency. My life might be looking a little different as well. So i'm all about timing. And i imagined today. Fire nation during the intro. We're talking about. How defy is disrupting the financial space. Cilicia dive right in julian. What the heck is decentralized finance. Break that down for us. It's actually something that's quite straightforward if it's expanding simply Functions or seven things that finance. Oh banks normally do which is create value transfer value exchange value. Token is value lend value identifying value predicting valued future so seven fundamental things normally banks do and decentralized ad which means there's not a central party anymore that is in charge but it's actually the entire community that's in charge of those functions. That's

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