Biden Argues More Fed Help Is Needed To Improve the Economy


Just two hundred sixty six thousand. New jobs were added in april falling far short of the one million jobs that some economists expect it. The unemployment rate ticked up slightly to six point one percent. Though i always say don't don't pay too much attention to that number. Economists cautioned that the number is misleadingly. Low given how many people have dropped out of the labor force in the last year. Eight million jobs that were lost when the pandemic forced businesses to close last spring. Still have not come back. Republicans have claimed. We need the biden proposals. Because the economy's coming back all its own but it's not president biden said. Today's jobs report proves more help from the federal government is needed. Some critics said that we didn't need the american. The american rescue plan that this economy adjust a heal itself. Today's report just underscores view. How vital the actions were taking our checks to people who are hurting support for small businesses for childcare and school reopening support to help families put food on the table. Our efforts are starting to work but the climb is steep. We still have a long way to go. The biden administration advocate advocated that the american jobs and the american families acts are intended to tackle some of the issues keeping people from rejoining the workforce vice-president harris echoed the need to give families more support particularly women who left the workforce due to the pandemic saying this in a statement quote. Roughly five million. Women still can't get get work are still can't work. Due to childcare issues. Are american families plan will lower the cost of childcare. Making it possible for more women to work when we lift up women we lift up families and communities and our economy is stronger and

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