Israel Braces for Weekend Violence After Spate of Shootings and Eviction Protests


For more protests and clashes with Palestinians today after a night of violence in east Jerusalem comes after weeks of unrest and has led to the State Department calling for the violence to stop. CBS News correspondent in Martez type has latest. The intense protests have been going on for weeks. Now. Most of it's centered in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, where a number of Palestinian families are facing convictions from homes they've lived in since the 19 fifties by a group of She was. Settlers who claim the land as their own at the State Department has said it was deeply concerned about the situation and has appealed for calm. But column is unlikely. On Monday, Israel Supreme Court will hold a hearing on the Shakti Rod fictions, leaving many in the Holy city bracing themselves. For even more violence. At least

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