Wake Up And Dance With Claudia Colvin

Mentally Yours


Today we're going to be checked into the kovin. She's the founder of. Nobody's watching an online don's party organization. They also not challenges. We're going be chatting about anxiety and how great dances so welcomes mentally ause nodia. Thanks so much for joining us. We appreciate you coming on. Thanks so we're gonna best about don. So can you tell us a bit about your business and also yourself yes. I'll start from my business. So it's nobody's watching. And the way operates now is quite different to how it started. Obviously like many. Johnson fitness instructors have had to adapt to a pandemic weld but originally it was just born from my love for dancing and the fact there as i was getting older i wasn't really finding the same occasions to dance as when i was of Uni student and i was really really missing it. So originally i was doing silent disco vents in london and they were aimed people who love to dance but deputy. He went to make a huge night outs of it so it was just one hour and really uplifting songs and just have fun basically instead of going to the gym for an hour. Doing your for now is just an hour a freestyle dancing and it's really uplifting greater Two walkout and then when When the pandemic hit. I had to think quickly and adopt. I was quite alien. Counseling my vents. Actually on the eleventh of march. I can't do my impasse in events moved online. And since then i've been doing online dance classes and effectively very similar to what i was doing before but just online and without retarded discreet headphones. At more recently. I started something which has really been very successful and has spread and grown a lot. Which is the up and dance challenge. And so that's just ten minutes three songs starting your day with adults on its release. Easy accessible There's no you know you can't do it wrong. It's through january of just finished effect today. Wake up and dance challenge and it's just a really big difference. Anyone who's having a tough time in lockdown. So that's that's what's that's what's happening with. Navies what she

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