Josh And Rose Foreman Co-op And Worldbuilding


Back to discovered wordsmiths. I can have the podcast with Josh and Rose this time. We're going to be talking about the the they're writing together cooperatively. So we'll get into that a little tough. But first what are some things you guys learned writing together? Cuz Rose you said that you've written before but now you're writing with somebody and it happens to be your son. So what are some things you've learned differently writing with somebody as opposed to writing on your own actually. I think it's easier for me to write with somebody cuz then I had a direction that I know instead of where in the whole world. Am I going to go? I like that part. I like assignments. I think some people would really hate to hack and aside the plot given to them or to sign character, but I like it. That's how I write most of my books with what he does first would come I put this this species human or otherwise, then we come up with its its physiology how it interacts with its surroundings. And then we asked what would make life hard for this thing. And and then how does this thing overcome based on its thought processes and Physiology and it's I mean, if you lay a thousand eggs and one grows up to maturity you have an entirely different concept of page nineteen then say human deaths. And so that that that's fun for

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