Meet the 'Tactical Gramma'

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Listeners. It's brett molina. Welcome back to talking tech my co host. Mike snyder is off today. So when you think about video games you're likely thinking about younger people. You know kids who play video games like mario kart or maybe you know kids that are in high school or college. They play older games like call of duty and madden and other stuff like that. Maybe it's your kids. Maybe it's your grandkids who knows but that's typically the audience we think of when we think about video games but something interesting is happening though which is a lot more. Seniors are starting to get into video games or have been playing for a while and they're continuing to do it even as they get older case in point A story. I wrote on tech dot. Usa today dot com about michelle stadium. Who is a grandmother of two in washington state. she goes by the nickname technical. Grandma she when she's not taking care of her grandkids. She is a budding video game. Streamer the fifty eight year old has cultivated a following on platforms like tiktok worship post highlights of her adventures in games. Like the first person shooter call of duty warzone. If you're not familiar with this game it is basically they take one hundred players and they drop them into one area and the last person to survive wins So stadium goes on different platforms such as facebook gaming and twitch and she has a really solid following there but it's tiktok where she has really blossomed as a recording. This her

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