COVID and Chronic Disease Management With Moshe Pinto, CEO at WiderCircle

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Today i have the privilege of having moshe pinto and the show. He is the ceo at wider circle. When he launched the company they set out. They set out to really on a mission to find a better way to help. Americans thrive at any age over the course of his journey. His team has learned that the most effective approach to enabling better health and independence is to integrate support and services at the community level. Made easier for neighbors to take the best care of each other. They're working on some incredible things with health plans. Nationally to connect members with family members to inform support and motivate our most vulnerable populations We're going to have a great discussion with him today. His background is has been in healthcare with various companies developing solutions for chronic care conditions. And so with that. I wanna i wanna welcome. Moshe to the podcast. Thanks so much for joining us. X-l-e-a-r having it's a great pleasure to be here with me today yeah absolutely moshe and so you've got a really you know community based way of making things happen. You know for care coordination for for population health. And so i love to to learn more about you. And what inspires your work in healthcare. Yes we know what inspired my work in healthcare is several things it starts with the fundamental belief that health is a foundation for satisfying and fulfilling life. And when your health. He's taken away from you. Life could never be good. And the as i thought where i would want to apply my talent. I thought that focusing in an area that is as important for equality of life was was more important than that ensuring that a commercial surveys works better or reaches more people. So that's i in the in the second personnel experienced a m- originally from israel israel. We have a draft and serving in the israeli army thought me that healing is much much harder than than hurting and dad operations or the rate at which we do things at the real world move at the pace of trust

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