I Dont Like How He Treats His Ex-Wife


I i don't like how he treats his ex wife. Stephen shirley i'm thirty six years old and recently divorced. I met a guy. Eight months ago and he just got divorced too we bonded over our divorced dilemmas and he was open and honest. About its break-up. He told me that he was controlling and they had a rough marriage because she liked to fight him and throw stuff at him. He told me that he had to restrain her a lot but he never laid a finger on her. He told me that he even took a domestic violence class to try to fix his marriage. This made me afraid to continue talking to him but i told myself that he was so sweet and forthcoming with information. That i shouldn't penalize him for his past. I wanted to go into our relationship with an open mind. He's been nothing but a gentleman to me. I get regular foot rubs and massages flowers for no reason and he even does things around my house to help me out. He never raised his voice at me or seemed irritated at me but whenever his ex wife calls him about any little thing to do with their daughter he is a totally different person. He talks to her like she's a piece of trash and he usually hangs up on her. He has done it in my presence. Numerous times and i always give him time to cool down before talking to him. He's told me a few times that what he calls a. He's taught me a few times. What the calls were about. And it's never anything for him to be so angry with her the other day. I overheard him on the phone with his friend and he talked about his ex wife nonstop and said that his ex wife is lucky. She moved out of town. This made the hair on my on. The back of my neck stand up. Could he be a violent man that had to go to domestic abuse counseling on that had to go to domestic abuse counseling or does his ex wife bring out the worst in him. I need to know before i go. Any further with him okay I think we have a problem

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