All About Birth Hypnosis


Mentioned. The words labor and delivery too many women and thoughts of excruciating pain and prolonged agony harsher to surface more and more women everywhere are searching for alternative ways to relieve labor pain techniques such as bradley method in the mas two forms of natural childbirth are popular with expected moms but many say that once the pain of contractions start the techniques. Go out the window. One technique that is gaining popularity with women and members of the medical community is hypno- thing. Hypno- birthing combines hypnosis with comprehensive topper education relaxation imagery exercises and positive affirmations to believe the pain associated with labor and delivery michelle smith of saint cloud a certified hypnotist thing practitioner in to la or birth assistant acknowledges that there are similarities between the different methods of natural childbirth. But says the use of hypnosis makes hypno- birthing a more effective pain reducing technique. It's like getting a very powerful extra tool to release fear and to create deeper more profound relaxation. Smith's that the hypno- birthing program was developed in nineteen eighty nine by clinical hypnotherapist. Marie mongan and it is based on the work of an english. Obstetrician dr grant. Dick read considered by many to be the father of modern natural childbirth. Dick read believes that pain in in childbirth was brought upon by what he called the fear tension paint syndrome when a woman is afraid she gets tense which brings resistance and pain.

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