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Them against each other at 9 20 this morning is when you decide boner of the day with Boehner Fight. Right now you're picking one of these three to send forward to Boehner Dome. Here we go. Two candidates now a third after the news. Once you've heard all through your votes in one of you lucky random boner voters will receive Can't buy it. Gotta win it radio from hell. Boner T shirt and yes, you can pick it up. You don't wear it today. You knew that you just have to come down to 50 West Broadway, second floor. Hours are nine to noon. Boner. Candidate number one is a danced all night for Usher and I got this. What would you all do? As of Monday afternoon. Yesterday, Usher was the number one trending topic on Twitter in the United States. But not for a good reason. He's accused of giving a stripper fake dollar bills with his face on them, as opposed to real money, another like this, They love me. They don't want real money. They Las Vegas based answer who performs under the name paces. She's very good. Shared an image Three. Distinct US. Excuse me. Three distinct usher a theme that dollar bills in denominations of 1 21 100 bills. The Bills promote usher. The Vegas experience is upcoming residency that set the launch in July and were clearly designed to look like real money prices asked a question on her Instagram story writing Ladies, What would you do if you danced all my long for rupture? And he threw this at. Yeah, she added in another post to screen shot from her private personal account, and the money does not have a trade and trade in value. Whatsoever. No, no, he now usher. You guys may not know this. It is a huge fan of strippers, and it is very well known in the stripping industry. In fact, that movie that J. Lo did Stripper movie. I can't remember what is called, which is based on a real person and re and and the highlight of that movie. The big thing that happened in that movie is

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