Amazon Warehouse Workers Reject Union Efforts

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On friday. Amazon warehouse workers in bessemer alabama voted to reject the effort to unionize. So what does this mean for amazon. The fight over labor conditions at the retail giant chang in this sure daily charge here with us to break it down his amazon expert. Laura tullow welcome lart. Thank you for having me. So breakout what happened on friday on friday. The allergy finished tallying votes union election at the best in warehouse and the with the really decisive win for amazon so to speak in that the workers rejected the union. So that was the. That was the full tally. there could still be. There is likely to be an attraction to the election and further litigation with the over the matter but the votes as they were counted. Friday were for rejecting the union by margin of more than two. Wow yeah that's that's a big deal. Considering that this effort was i mean this effort made headlines around the country. Even guard support senator bernie sanders and present. Joe biden is a very high profile fights and he says why it was so roundly defeated. It's really hard to say. you know. There were several factors. Of course there is the fact that this warehouse provides jobs in an area where the minimum wage is a belief seven twenty five an hour and they pay more than fifteen dollars an hour for starting wage. A lotta times in union elections in place. Do worry that their employers will want to leave the area or lay people off or more employees as many people if they're having to deal with the union Do the cost and that sort of thing. People get their jobs and those are really valuable jobs in that region. They're paying thousands of them. If the really big deal in that community to half those jobs

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