Riaz Raihan on Improving CX With AI


While we are thrilled to have you here. Thank you so much for joining us. Re as hey sir. Great to be here so happy to have you and excited to hop into our topic today now. A lotta times when we talk about a i. We're talking about okay. How are we going to serve the customers. How are we going to use it to execute. But what. I'd like to start off with today. Is how do we use to better understand customers. So that's a that's a great question adam and you know the way. Ai helps is. It helps us with the problem of scale for example. If you're a small business and you have ten customers you don't need a i. Do you need to talk to them. And you know what they feel. And they'll give you feedback the challenges when you have ten million customers and you'll tell me million customers coming at you in different ways. We call it omni channels. You've got customers coming through a website. Maybe calling call center. Maybe doing transactions and retail stores that you might have and interacting with your brand in multiple different ways. That's when you have what we call multiple signals so now you have complexity because you've got all these customers potentially in different parts of the country different parts of the world different languages different channels. What i can help it is. It can help understand the voice of the customer over time and what that means is being able to really pick out the signal from the noise understand a customer's preferences overtime and keep track on. How the customers evolving in their relationship with you. Ai solves that problem at

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