Digital Body Language for Sales Professionals With Erica Dhawan


Name. Is erica doron. I'm the author of the new book digital body language and my best advice is writing clearly. Is the new empathy writing clearly as the new empathy. Ooh i like that. We're gonna unpack that a little. But i. i'm so glad you're here. Congratulations on an awesome awesome book. Thank you for sending over a pdf. So i can get behind it and read an holy crap. It is awesome. yeah. I'm super excited for you. So and i'm super excited year. So tell me when we when we talked a couple of weeks ago. Maybe a month ago you said nobody thought this was important years ago and now it's like this. Oh we got so so. Take me through kind of how that because i know that this this is not. You didn't work before but this year. Best work this is really awesome and so talk me through that like when people say well. No i don't think digital body language is important. What does that mean. Why would anybody say that. About six years ago. When i la after i launched my first book. Get big things. Done the power of connection. And i travel the world helping. Ceo's and leadership teams build twenty-first-century collaboration skills especially for a world with virtual global multi generational and matrix teams but as i was focusing on really twenty-first-century teamwork kept hearing the same challenges and questions from groups. Why is there so much misunderstanding. It work today. Why are my teams feeling so anxious. How do we better connect across different ages and working styles and one of the biggest challenges i discovered well before the pandemic was that there was no rule book for how we connect in a digital world especially with research showing about seventy five percent of communication is nonverbal body language. How do we replace that in a world. Where seventy two one hundred percent. Now of communication could be virtual.

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