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Listeners. I want to introduce you to ronald young junior. You might be familiar with his name from other work. In podcasting leading shows like time well spent and leaving the theater. He's sometime guess contributed around. Npr's pop culture happy hour. We are really excited to make it. Official that ronald is going to be the newest host of solvable. Thank you thank you for having me. I'm so so excited to be here so publicly on the team. Believe it or not hosting solvable is not my main job. My main job is being. Ceo pushing in and pushkin over the last year in lockdown has like doubled in size. We have almost fifty people now. And it's exciting. There's a lot going on But it's sort of crowded out the time that i like to spend preparing and figuring out gas that also i'm not really a host. I don't know if you noticed that. I think i am trade. I'm an Host i have certain hosts qualities that i'm really interested in talking to the guests on the show And i have a lot of drive to learn. But i don't have that quality of hosting which i hear your voice and i really wanna know how that is done. Well first of all. I don't know if that's that's the message like we got hosted coaster said coming on all star show. I've always found it easy to talk to people. I've always founded easy to connect with folks and ask questions. And i'm curious about and mostly because as a child i was always encouraged to ask whether it was two friends. The families the teachers. And i think that's what helps with being a good host and with conducting good interviews. Which you do a great job of thank you ronald but yeah no. I think that just that basic quality of curiosity. If if you don't wanna know you can't read someone else's questions the producers on the show do suggest a lot great questions for us but ultimately you ask the ones that are your questions that have been you want. no yes. It's funny because like you know working with the solvable team. It's certainly is a team effort. But i think what makes a good host that what makes a good interviewer is the ability to read the conversation and to know when it when it needs to take a turn when it's about the pivot or when you're curiosity might push the interviewee a little deeper into the subject matter and even more comfortable and ready to answer more questions as they go so and i really enjoy doing that so this is a very exciting role for me. You do something i mean. Since were on this this topic. I do think being a really good host goes beyond just the flow of the conversation. Asking the right questions that something about creating this this environment this kind of comfort even this sense of place. And here's what. I don't feel that. I really know how to do but i hear in your voice you know in a lot of the people who are just really good shows terry gross. You know you just feel like you're at her place like you're in her world and you know in the guest is coming into her world and you feel as a listener. You're made to feel welcome and comfortable. How do you do that route. You know wish. I could say there was a trick. I wish i could tell you. Hey do this thing. And this'll this'll work but for me. It's just it's hospitality. It's really being genuinely interested in what they have to say. It's paying attention to them. Not necessarily thinking so far ahead that you can't be president in the conversation creating that warm sensitive environment it really comes from like a genuine place inside people and i think most people talk to you. We'll tell you that this is who. I am all the time. So it makes it easier for me to just bring this be to a hosting role Whereas some people. I think are very good at being a host and then you know in the rest of their lives are not nearly as hospitable or friendly and i can't say anything about ten gross but i i know that good host is being able to create that sense of hospitality in the conversation that they're having that moment. Yeah i think of the great host of my childhood dick caveat who was on. Tv obviously long before your time but back in the days before cable there only a few channels every night cabinet was having these interesting people on his show and he's charming. He's charmed by the gas and a lot of what he's trying to do. Is of course just inject wisecracks. I've got clip here. That's a good example of that it's cabot talking to the comedian don rickles. It's hard for you to be serious but it is. I think people don't admit that deep down inside. If i may be serious for a moment that you do something on stage that all of us would like to do if we had no class the other host i think about all the time as i grew up listening on the radio growing up in chicago. Two studs terkel here just as one example is studs terkel interviewing muhammad ali at one thousand nine hundred seventy five. Why do you think it is always in this particular theater. So many different people are. Why would they rooting for you. The outsider we'll i think the masses root for me because this scuffling they've been persecuted they figure by the tat taxes and whatever they've underdogs people are basically the underdogs hole and the things that i say from my people in the free involve people and the way i speak out in the title of the have and the and now let this. Stop me from recognizing every day man that thing. This is what they whether it'd be black or white. The massive people hardworking people the amazing thing about studs terkel circle. He was so good at talking to anybody today. He would have like a janitor and then he would. Have you know an opera singer. And then he would. Have you know a former vice president or politician and he just part of what was great about him with. He would talk to everybody the same way. Yeah i mean there's a sense of empathy that comes with no matter. Who's in the room. It should be able to be extended to anyone who's sitting opposite from you whether they'd be the janitor or the president of the united states. The other thing is not being afraid to ask even a question that may not sound as smart as you think it does. I think larry king wants said He was he was on. He was talking to jesse thorn. My friend hobie. Khan who wrote you negotiate anything. We grew up together. He says to me larry. The secret of your success is your dumb dumb. Is the great road to success. Because you not afraid to. I don't know tell me help me. That's a lot of interviews help. help me that. You're you're a brain search. You got brain surgery tomorrow morning. Think about it tonight when you go in the check your hands. If they're steady. And then all of a sudden you have this. Very poignant moment because larry king asked a question that is wow. I would have even sit there. I was like ronald do you. Do i do that. Also i wanna make sure that. I i do that but having that empathy allows you to be embassy to cross from you like i said whether it's the janitor or the president of the united states. Yeah so for this show. We do interviews with a particular kind of focused. How is problem solving. And how are people who have ideas about solving problems. Making the world veteran capable of making the world better. And that's the thing that can be big range of stuff. Yeah if you look out there let's say your your houses near the water and you look out there and you're just like the water seems to be creeping closer and closer. You're only thinking about what's going to happen when the water reaches your house and all the horrible things that can happen as the water continues to rise and the flooding when you when you start to think about all that it kind of changes your posture versus if you think how do we stop the water. How do we get the people out. How do we keep my house. Dry and think in terms of This podcast i'd like that it's pivoting from us talking so much about what the issue is because in most cases we know what the issue is what we really need to know is. What's the best way forward. How can we like either neutralize whatever. This problem is or at least adjust our lives so that the problem isn't what it is. Do we need to build a bridge. Maybe we need to build our houses higher whatever that means in order to To get out of the water. I think it gives a bit of optimism to the world

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